We Need to Build Back Better for Kids

October 20, 2021
Our vision for children in cities is simple: we envision a world where all babies – regardless of their genetic code or their zip code – live in neighborhoods free from toxic chemicals that harm their brain development.

EPA's Ban of Chlorpyrifos: Long Overdue

August 22, 2021
It took 21 years, but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finally announced its decision to ban the use of a toxic pesticide called chlorpyrifos on fruits and vegetables, including foods consumed by young children like apples, broccoli, and citrus.
Laughing Baby

Meet Our 8 New Bright Cities

July 7, 2021
Early this summer, 8 new cities joined our 20 Bright Cities in amplifying the urgency to reduce often everyday exposures that can harm babies' brain development. The eight cities are...