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Mother in Flint

Revive Flint Community Health Center, a community-based organization that provides resources for wrap-around services to expecting mothers, pulled together a fabulous “pampering session” for expectant moms that was coupled with information about identifying and mitigating potential sources of lead exposure at home.

“This session gave a lot of information that I did not know,” said Nadia, one of the participants. “I didn’t know paint could have lead in it. This was helpful to know as a mom and a homeowner.”

“After the Flint water crisis, it was great being able to educate residents with literature and resources to bridge the gap between moms and the City of Flint’s Lead Based Paint Hazard Control (LBPHC) program,” said Catrina Tillman, Revive Flint’s Executive Director

Revive Flint organizes monthly community outreach events to connect expecting mothers to information about supporting healthy brain development for the new little ones as well as to other expecting mothers in the community. And funds from the LBPHC grant program provide the resources to mitigate lead contamination in homes of the expecting mothers with qualifying incomes.

Fourteen expecting moms completed the Revive Village program, and two qualified for the LBPHC program for home lead remediation. Revive Village program aims to provide much needed services and resources to the community in bridging gaps within maternal infant health, behavioral services and more 

LBPHC and The Revive program provides education about effective strategies to reduce lead at home—take your shoes off at the door, pick up paint chips with a wet paper towel whenever you see them, wet mop your floors, dust with a microfiber or damp cloth, and vacuum with a HEPA vacuum cleaner if possible, etc.—and work with landlords when possible to resolve lead issues.

Our expecting mothers are also busy with work and taking care of others! Another big challenge was making this program easily accessible. To work around moms’ schedules, we created educational videos for convenient access. We created useful assessments to help ensure mothers understood the key steps to reduce lead exposures to help their families stay healthy, and provided gift card incentives to compensate moms for their time.

Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley shared his gratitude for this partnership that supports Flint families. “Flint continues to be at the intersection of crises.  Anything we can do to help our families be more resilient, resourceful and knowledgeable of ways to improve the lives of children is a step in the right direction.” 

Curious to learn more? Contact Mikesha Loring, Lead Based Paint Hazard Control Program Manager in Flint, at mloring@cityofflint.com.

Is your City interested in being part of Healthy Babies Bright Futures’ Bright Cities program? To discuss this and anything else, please contact Bright Cities Program Director, Kyra Naumoff Shields at knaumoff@hbbf.org.

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