EPA's Ban of Chlorpyrifos: Long Overdue

August 22, 2021
It took 21 years, but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finally announced its decision to ban the use of a toxic pesticide called chlorpyrifos on fruits and vegetables, including foods consumed by young children like apples, broccoli, and citrus.
Laughing Baby

Meet Our 8 New Bright Cities

July 7, 2021
Early this summer, 8 new cities joined our 20 Bright Cities in amplifying the urgency to reduce often everyday exposures that can harm babies' brain development. The eight cities are...
Bright Cities Case Studies Blog

Launching Bright Cities Case Studies

May 13, 2021
To honor the collaborative efforts of our cities, and potential Bright Cities, we’re so excited to launch a new resource: Bright Cities Case Studies.
Green infrastructure

5 Cities Focusing on Climate and Health

April 20, 2021
There are simple solutions to help lessen the impacts of climate on health. Here is how 5 Bright Cities have impacted not only the health of their residents, but the health of their environments through green infrastructure. 
baby being fed cereal

What FDA's "Closer to Zero" Plan is Lacking

April 8, 2021
HBBF welcomes the FDA’s announcement of Closer to Zero, the agency’s new action plan to reduce heavy metals in baby foods. But why does it take over three years just to finalize action levels?