• HBBF tests found six times more arsenic in infant rice cereal than in other types of infant cereal.
  • Rice readily absorbs arsenic from the environment, about 10 times more of it than other grains.
  • Arsenic causes cancer and permanently reduces children’s learning ability. Rice cereal is babies’ top source of arsenic exposure.
  • Studies show low arsenic in all brands tested for these infant cereal types: barley, buckwheat, oatmeal, multi-grain, quinoa and wheat. 

Learn more from HBBF’s recent report on Arsenic in 9 Brands of Rice Cereal

Baby being spoon fed rice cereal

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Why is arsenic in your baby’s rice cereal?

Arsenic isn’t on anybody’s wish list for a baby food ingredient. So why does FDA find it in nearly every container of infant rice cereal they test?

When the FDA asks the wrong question

What happens when you ask the wrong question? You get the wrong answer. And that’s exactly what the FDA is planning to do about arsenic in rice cereals for infants.