Healthy Moments

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or taking your newborn out in his stroller for the first time, there are many moments throughout the journey that offer opportunities for healthier choices for you and your baby.


Protecting Babies by Standing Up Against Toxic Chlorpyrifos

Protecting Babies by Standing Up Against Toxic Chlorpyrifos

What would you do if you learned that a certain insecticide is being passed from pregnant women to their babies?  And that the more of that chemical that the child gets while still in their mother’s womb, the greater the damage to that baby’s developing brain?  And what if you found that this pesticide, which leads to mental delays and attention disorders, leaves its residues in our food and water and on the beds and kitchen counters of the homes near the farmland where its sprayed.
Seven Tips to Kill Weeds Naturally, Without Harmful Chemicals

Seven Tips to Kill Weeds Naturally, Without Harmful Chemicals

If you see a weed-free lawn, chances are it is regularly sprayed with weed killers. The small warning signs posted in the lawn after spraying help keep kids and pets off the grass for a while, but the chemical residues persist after the signs come down. These chemicals stick to skin, shoes and soil and get tracked into our homes. All weed killers pose possible health risks, especially for pregnant women and young children. For a healthy, beautiful lawn without toxic chemicals, try these seven steps:
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Case Study: How Being a Bright City Can Lead to Healthier Kids in Your Community

Anchorage recently trained childcare providers on what to look for in household products to avoid harmful ingredients. The training focused on children’s nap mats. City employees collected mats potentially containing chemical flame retardants and exchanged them for healthier alternatives. The toxics training and nap mat change-out were developed in collaboration with Bright Cities.


The partner organizations of Healthy Babies Bright Futures share the overall goal of measurably reducing exposures to neurotoxic chemicals in the first thousand days of development. This does not necessarily constitute endorsement of any individual project.